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Free Audio Messages – Life Giving Words has produced some excellent audios on both living in Christ and time management. We’ve been very blessed by the series. You can listen to them for free online!

Firm Foundations by Trevor Mcllwain – This is an excellent study that seeks to really ground readers in the Word of God and the basics of the Christian faith, yet is simple enough even a child can understand it.


Making Sense of the Universe – An overview and links for more info on common questions. A great site to use in evangelism.

Living Waters – Lots of free videos and materials to help you share your faith (or discover it).


Encouragement for CaregiversLife in Reverse is a YouTube video with a powerful story–the true story of a woman, Selma, who had dementia–and of her daughter’s (Florence’s) response. I (Katherine) had the privilege of editing it, and I would encourage you to take a look and pass it along to a friend. There’s one quote specifically I love: “When challenges come, you either get bitter or better. We can choose how we deal with them.” That’s a truth we can’t hear often enough.


HSLDA – Find the legal help you need. Be sure to look there for your local state organization and get connected with them.

Lifework Forum – Learn about, pray for, and support international homeschoolers. You’ll also be encouraged by the blogs and spiritual truths Sandra and Curt Lovelace share.


Answers in Genesis – Answers in Genesis offers curriculum, ideas, and lots of free online resources. You can find the answer to many common questions there about how the Bible truly does make sense of the world we see. Homeschooling? During the school year, they also send out a free weekly e-mail just for homeschoolers containing science suggestions and ideas.

The Creation LibraryOur family opperates a creation lending library in Northern Virginia. If you live near Northern Virginia, please consider stopping by!


Biblical Christian Worldview – Various resources from the author of Mathematics: Is God Silent?


(See also the resources listed under Science/Creation.)

Making Sense of the Universe – An overview and links for more info on common questions. A great site to use in evangelism.

Christian Worldview – A blog on viewing various topics from a Christian worldview.

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