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10 thoughts on “Thank You for Signing Up!

  1. I’m at a homeless shelter and I would like to share short morning devotions

  2. Thank you for these… I share them with my women’s group. We’re lockdown but we keep in touch in group chats

    1. Thank you. Very much appreciated.

    2. I will also like to see some for my women group too.

  3. I am praising God that you came across my search for encouraging devotionals. I am striving to share Biblical encouragement with others as we all strive to overcome the fear and panic and uncertainty of the Coronavirus issue at hand. I hope I may have permission and opportunity to share these beautiful words of wisdom and comfort from God with others.

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the devotionals! You’re welcome to link to anything on the site; if you’d like to reprint, please email with exactly what you’d like to reprint and where. God bless!

  4. I really need short devotions because i share with my work mates.

    1. I will also like to have some of these for the same purpose to share.

  5. I’m starting a homeless ministry and am looking for short devotionals that are relatable that I can read before my meals and activities that I plan for them.
    Thank u for what u do

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