Learn to Teach Math Biblically

Transform Your Math Class!

Have a kid who hates math? Get ready to discover how you can make math EXCITING and RELEVANT. More importantly, learn to show students how math declares God's praises!

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How can math be viewed from a biblical worldview?


Why does it matter how we view math?


How can I teach math biblically?

Math Doesn't Have to Be Dreaded

Many people are intimidated by math. It often comes across as a dry, meaningless subject. But math is not meaningless. It can be an exciting exploration of God's handiwork.

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Course:

  • How Math Points to the Lord
    Discover how math's very existence is shouting out at us that we serve a faithful God we can trust.
  • The Worldview Battle in Math
    Did you realize most math lessons actually present math in a humanistic and naturalistic way?
  • The Key Principles to Change
    Learn some key principles that can help you transform your math class.
  • Resources to Make It Easy
    Learn about resources that can help you easily transform your math class into an exciting exploration of God's handiwork.

What Others Are Saying About Katherine's Materials:

In-Person Workshop Attendee

“Katherine’s information is transforming my view of math!”

Online Workshop Attendee - Alison

"I have just watched your three videos and I am just blown away by them. I wish this information were better known."

Curriculum User - George Mayfield, Secondary School Math Teacher, Parkhill Christian Academy

"I have found these books to be superior in content, including text, figures and illustrations. Most importantly, the books integrate the Christian worldview in a way much superior to others I have used or reviewed."

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