Devotional FAQ

What does a child activity kit include?

Each Child Activity Kit includes one child’s activity, all the stickers needed to complete the activity, and a gold gel pen.

(The stickers for Promised One additional child activity kits ordered will be located in the same envelope ring that comes with the devotional kit. If you are ordering more than one devotional kit, we will need to know how many child book sets go with each of the kits. Please put this information under the comment/special instruction section of the order form.)

Are quantity discounts available?

Yes, quantity discounts are available when ordering multiples of the same devotional set. To receive quantity discounts, you must contact us directly. Discounts are not available online.

How do the devotionals come packaged?

When you order a physical devotional set, the devotional and all the children’s books/supplies will come in a single polyphane bag. The only other supplies you will need are crayons and glue!

Packaged sets shown below. E-books come as a PDF file and include instructions for the children’s activity.

What is the devotional pricing structure?

The basic set, which includes the devotional and supplies for one child, costs $13.99. Supplies for each additional child (Child Activity Kits) are $3.99 per child. Additional supplies will all be located in the same polyphane bag as the set.

If you wish to purchase just the child’s supplies again the next year but already have the devotional, you can purchase an Additional Child’s Activity Kit for $4.99.

E-books are also available for Jesus–the Promised One and Jesus–the Life-Giver. Please see the individual product pages for prices.

All prices subject to change. Please see individual product page for current price.

For what ages are the devotionals designed?

We designed the devotionals so that the entire family could study the Bible together. The text is simple enough that even a young child can grasp the main points but deep enough that older siblings and parents will learn and grow as well. The activity portion is apporpriate for any child who would enjoy putting a sticker and coloring in his/her own book.

The ages of 2-10 might enjoy doing the activity part of the devotional, although some families have written that children older than 10 have enjoyed having a devotional booklet to go back and review the things they were learning.

What devotionals do you have, and for what time of year are they designed?

Below is a list of our devotionals and the holiday for which they were designed.

Have a question not listed above? E-mail it to

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