Review Disclosure

This is to comply with FTC regulations regarding blog reviews.

I, Katherine Loop, do at times receive products to review on my blog, Math from a Christian Perspective, as well as in other print and online media, such as The monetary value of each product varies and may be furnished upon request. When I receive a product to review, I do send the company the review ahead of time to preview and will subsequently make changes if I have made an error; however, the reviews reflect my own observations and thoughts.

The only affiliate programs I participate in are those for the products we also publish or carry; I do not receive any compensation for reviews made beyond a copy of the product being reviewed.

I review products I feel parents will want more information about–these include both products I want parents to know about, as well as products that are popular in the homeschool community or that someone has asked me about. Selection for review does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation unless one is specifically stated within the review.

Recognizing that different people have different needs and preferences, I try to write my reviews as fairly and graciously as possible, while pointing out things parents may want to be aware of before purchasing. I would ask readers to keep in mind my perspective–I am evaluating resources based on how I see them as working within the framework of teaching math from a biblical perspective. I have not used each product in its entirety, but rather examined various parts of it in order to get a general idea. My goal is to offer an overview of the product that will help parents know if it will work for them.

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