Rewire: A True Story About Life’s Whys

Why me? Why this? Why now?

They’re questions we all ask at one time or another. Grief, job struggles, health issues, shattered dreams–-whys arise from different places. Could it be that if we rewire our thinking about the whys, we’ll find not just pat answers, but a glimpse into the blessing God longs to bring in the challenge?

Join Kate on her journey through a traumatic brain injury where her brain literally rewired and relearned basic functions at the same time as she walked through other grief and whys. Kate shares both the Scriptural truths that helped her, and her struggles of embracing them in the dark times. You’ll leave encouraged that God has an eternal plan, not just one centered around our temporal happiness.

You’ll also be encouraged to live in joy and peace, not in chronic worry and overload. Kate’s injured brain showed her how often she worried–and the incredible freedom of letting the worries go and walking in joy and peace instead. Her brain also forced her to discover the joys of having a more balanced schedule and of not filling every minute.

You’ll also get a glimpse into how God wired your brain. As you walk through the recovery process with Kate, you’ll get a first-hand glimpse into how amazingly God designed our brain.

You’ll also see a story of God completing the impossible. You may know Kate as the author of the Principles math series. You may not know, however, that Kate experienced a traumatic brain injury that left her struggling to remember multiplication facts when she was trying to complete the first book. She had to depend on God to provide the brain power to complete what He’d called her to do–and He did, but in His time and way.

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