eCourse Supplement for Principles of Mathematics (Book 1)


Have an auditory or visual leaner? A student who needs more hand-holding? No problem! We now offer an eCourse supplement.

The eCourse consists of online videos for each lesson. The eCourse is offered on a subscription basis (see below).

Students are able to submit questions to Katherine online as they complete the eCourse.

Discounts for multiple students from the same household are available; please contact us for details.


We are loving the e-course!  It’s  really made a huge difference in our understanding of the math lessons. We look forward to seeing you everyday when we do school. May the Lord bless you for your hard work and diligence.   Please know that we thank him for using your love of math and the way you have shared his creation; to help us learn and understand math like never before. Can’t  wait to dive into book 2. – Monica

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About the eCourse: Have an auditory or visual leaner? A student who needs more hand-holding? No problem! We now offer an eCourse supplement. The eCourse consists of video lessons that teach the same concepts as in the textbook, but in a different way, walking students through step-by-step using slides and often using different examples. Students using the eCourse still need the textbook, but the eCourse will cut down on the amount of reading necessary. The videos range in length–some are 2 minutes; others 12. The average for the two chapters we sampled was approximately 6.3 minutes.

How it works: Students using the eCourse watch a video and then complete the corresponding worksheet, consulting their textbook as necessary.

The eCourse is offered on a yearly subscription basis: Your purchase is good for a year from when you purchase it. Extensions can be made upon request for students who need longer to complete the course–the design is that the fee is for a student to complete the course.

Large families: We understand that purchasing the course for multiple students adds up. If you wish to repurchase for another student at a later date, simply email us at We offer it 1/2 price for the 2nd student, 1/3 price for the 3rd, and so forth. It is not available on DVD at this time.

Email access to the author is included: Students are able to submit questions to Katherine online as they complete the eCourse.

Note: You still need to purchase the Book 1 Textbook and Student Workbook/Teacher Guide. The eCourse is an optional supplement to the program.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the course isn’t working for you, let us know within 30 days and we will give you a complete refund.

5 reviews for eCourse Supplement for Principles of Mathematics (Book 1)

  1. Carmen

    I wanted to thank you for creating the videos to go along with each lesson. My daughter has learned so much these past 2 levels!
    We used Principles of Mathematics 1 and 2 for 6-8th grades. It started with a wonderful review of arithmetic and continued into pre-algebra, geometry, statistics, and finances (and more). The videos were easy for her to watch on her own and she was able to complete the worksheets with some minor help from me. I feel that she has made huge leaps in her math understanding. Things she used to struggle with she now gets easily and says they are easy.
    We have enjoyed it so much that I recommend it to anyone who asks for middle school math suggestions.
    The author was quick to respond when we asked questions or recommendations from her. So wonderful to have that support!

  2. Belinda

    Based on the question about the time the video would be available, if I purchased it today (1/12/19) when would that purchase expire? We started to home school using the books in November and I believe the videos would be a bonus to aid my daughter. Since we had a later start on the material, we will need to work through the materials over summer to ensure we are ready to start Book 2 in August so I want to make sure it would be available until then. Thanks!

    • kate loop

      A purchase now will be good through June 1 of 2020, so you should be good.

  3. Belinda

    Is there a sample of the videos for review?

  4. Jeanine

    Do you find that kids who use the videos are using the text book at much? Does the student need to read the text as well as watch the videos?

    • kate loop

      Jeannie, they should need to consult the textbook still, but they should not need to read every word of every lesson. The videos were designed to reduce the amount of reading.

  5. Christine Busch

    When purchasing this do we have a year from purchase date to access the videos?
    I’m thinking this will be a great supplement for my girls who struggle with reading. 🙂

    • kate loop

      Great question! It is good for the next school year—so a purchase now would be good through the end of June 2019 (so a little over a year).

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