Principles of Mathematics (Book 2 – 7th or 8th Grade, or High School as Review)

Here at last is a curriculum that has a biblical worldview integrated throughout the text and problems, not just added as an afterthought!

A pre-algebra course that also covers functions, statistics, probability, trigonometry, and more. Perfect for pre-algebra (grade 7 or 8), or for older students needing to really understand algebra’s purpose.

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Your Students Won't See Math the Same Way Again!

Wouldn't it be neat if students finished math awed at God's greatness?

Well, now they can!

This curriculum doesn't merely tack on a Bible verse--it allows biblical principles to totally transform how math is taught.

Watch the video for a glimpse at how math can be viewed from a biblical worldview!

Help Students See the Purpose to Math - Even Algebra!

Why do I have to learn that?

It's a question students often have as they study, especially as they transition into upper-level math courses (such as algebra).

This program answers that why question. It's packed with real-life examples and opportunities for students to apply math themselves outside of a textbook.

View the video for a glimpse at how Book 2 shows algebra in action.

Make Math Exciting.

Math does not have to be boring or feel like endless drill.

Imagine learning how to cook merely from a textbook without ever being allowed to actually cook. You'd think you hated to cook, and that it was meaningless. Yet that's exactly how math is often taught.

In this program, however, students get to apply the concepts they learn. Imagine how different math class would be if students got to explore levers, explore the amazing order in music, and learn how to work with interest rates. They get to do all those things and MANY more in this course!

Math comes alive and becomes exciting as students learn to apply it outside of a textbook.

The curriculum reads more like a history or science book--it's written in a conversational style. And it includes a lot of history and science too!

Fill in Gaps and Connect the Dots.

Many students struggle when they get to high school because they didn't really understand something earlier on.

This curriculum teaches concepts in a logical building order, filling in gaps and making sure students really understand the various branches of math.

It also connects math with other subjects, such as art, history, and science, thereby helping students "connect the dots" and see the big picture of math.

It Works for Junior High on Up.

Take the Placement Test to see if your student is ready to begin Book 2.

If your student is not already fairly familiar with everything on the placement test, start with Principles of Mathematics: Biblical Worldview Curriculum Book 1.

Junior High: Junior high students can use the program as their math course for two years (Book 1 in 6th and 7th grade and Book 2 in 7th and 8th grade). After completion, they'll have firm grasp of all of basic math and be ready to embark on any algebra program. More importantly, they'll understand the purpose of upper-level math and have a solid biblical worldview on math.

High School: Have a highschooler struggling in math? Completing both Book 1 and Book 2 in a single year is a wonderful way to fill in any gaps and transform their view of math. Alternately, either book of the program can be used alongside another program to help a highschooler see the purpose to what they're learning.

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Principles of Mathematics Can Make!

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1 review for Principles of Mathematics (Book 2 – 7th or 8th Grade, or High School as Review)

  1. Carmen

    My daughter has learned so much these past 2 levels!
    We used Principles of Mathematics 1 and 2 for 6-8th grades. It started with a wonderful review of arithmetic and continued into pre-algebra, geometry, statistics, and finances (and more). The videos were easy for her to watch on her own and she was able to complete the worksheets with some minor help from me. I feel that she has made huge leaps in her math understanding. Things she used to struggle with she now gets easily and says they are easy.
    We have enjoyed it so much that I recommend it to anyone who asks for middle school math suggestions.
    The author was quick to respond when we asked questions or recommendations from her. So wonderful to have that support!

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