Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 5

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From cleaning up an auto shop to volunteering at a library to planning a family fiesta to spending three weeks at a wilderness camp – students will get to join in on the adventure and learn math concepts as they go!


This is the first program I've found that

  • presents math as a real-life tool;
  • has an easy-to-use textbook approach that minimizes parental preparation and thought, AND
  • encourages students spiritually through explorations of God’s creation and character-building stories.

Students will love the stories about children who discover different math concepts in real life. Rather than just being told to memorize facts, they'll get to discover those facts along with the children and then work worksheets related to that story. The stories all come from a young-earth creationist perspective and illustrate life lessons and good character along the way. Plus, they're full-color and beautifully illustrated!

Another thing I love about this program is that there's only one book to buy for the program itself--you don't need to purchase separate student and teacher's books. All of the levels include an easy-to-use schedule at the front, along with any notes the teacher needs right there. Level 1 and 2 include a link to download the answers, while Level 3-5 include the answers in the back of the book (the pages are all perforated and hole punched, so parents/teachers can easily pull this section out and place in a binder).

While the program doesn't necessarily talk about the philosophy of math (why it works, how its very existence points to God, etc.) or math’s history, it presents math in conjunction with God's creation in a refreshingly simple way. Unlike with many curricula, you won’t have to rework the presentations or try to figure out how to add science or real-life examples—they’re already there, and done amazingly well. Parents could easily add little nuggets about the "why" and the history of math as they go (see Revealing Arithmetic or Beyond Numbers for ideas).

Wondering which book to start in? Check out these Placement Tests to see which one would be best. Upon completion of the series, students should be ready to start our junior high program, Principles of Mathematics.

View a Sample of Level 5 (Includes Scope and Sequence)



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