Jesus-The Promised One Christmas Devotional Kit

By kate [loop] hannon

Jesus-The Promised One Christmas Devotional Kit


Jesus–The Promised One is a Christmas Bible study designed to start December 1st and finish Christmas Eve. The Bible study traces God’s plan of salvation from the very beginning of time, laying the groundwork for Jesus’ birth and explaining the foundations of the Christian faith in a simple way even a child can grasp. The devotional is both meaningful and fun–it even includes little booklets for children to make! Kits come with customized number of child booklets–select the quantity you need from the drop-down menu.

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Looking for a way to keep focused on Christ this Christmas season? Need a fun Bible study your whole family will love? Jesus–The Promised One is a Christmas Bible study designed to start December 1st and finish Christmas Eve. The Bible study traces God’s plan of salvation from the very beginning of time, laying the groundwork for Jesus’ birth and explaining the foundations of the Christian faith in a simple way even a child can grasp. This Christmas season, watch God’s plan unfold and realize anew the importance of Jesus’ birth.

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Children make their own books!

These books are

  • Easy to complete–Every page of the book is numbered for easy use (example: page 4 of book goes with December 4 devotional and is done on December 4th). Instructions for completing the day’s page are given in the devotional. The physical kit comes with an approximately 4 1/4 by 3 1/2 inch comb bound book, while the e-book includes instructions and necessary pages to make a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 book.
  • Fun–Children love making their own little books! The physical kit even includes stickers and a gold pen for children to decorate with! We obviously couldn’t include stickers or a gold pen in an e-book, so we turned every day in to a page to color, decorate, or paste one of the little objects the children print and cut out. The e-book booklets are much bigger, so there’s ample room to really let those creative juices flow.
  • Meaningful–Not only will children making their own book, but the simple words and pictures will help them grasp the heart behind Christmas.

E-book version: The e-book includes instructions on how to print and make a child’s book to go with the devotional. Every day, children color one page in their book that reinforces the day’s lesson. All the instructions and pages to print are included–the only things you need are paper, scissors, glue, a hole punch, ribbon (or string/yarn), and crayons/markers. You are allowed to print as many books as needed for your immediate family.
The little books are my favorite part. Each page has specific directions for the child to color, paste, or draw something onto the page which will help them remember the day’s story.” –  Amy Blevins (Read the entire review.)

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Finances tight? If you would like to do this devotional but cannot afford the price, please let us know. We have a limited number of free or reduced-price products each year that we would be honored to send you.


“I heard my daughter’s [age 8] prayers mature. We discussed/reinforced her understanding of why Jesus was born. We got into the “habit” of reading every day! She also gained an understanding about the difference between following the “”law”” and following Jesus–and why we had to have “the law”–I also came to a more clear understanding of this.”

“We loved this advent booklet. The kides [ages 10,7, and 5] enjoyed listening while decorating the page. I liked how the true need of salvation was related at a child’s level. I know the older kids knew this but it is nice to go over it again. I look forward to doing this or something like it next year.”

“Our family was blessed as we focused our hearts on God’s Promised One–JESUS! The devotional was wonderful,and my children [ages 4 and 6] got really excited to hear the lesson and open up the ‘secret’ envelope each night. Thank you for your ministry! May God richly bless your efforts to serve him!”

“Both my children [13 and 10 years] loved doing the devotional you wrote/designed this past Christmas. The little boolets were such a highlight to the reading and will be such a keepsake!”

“After we finished this advent project, I asked my kids [ages 11 and 8] if they are glad that they are done with it and they said no! They want some more! Kids love the sticker book and coloring while they learn and grow closer to God! I am wondering if there are anymore similar projects they can continue during the year? Thank you and God bless you!”

“Thank you for the WONDERFUL devotion, Jesus the Promised One. It was truly a blessing to my children [ages 7 and 11] and me. It gave us a perspective on Jesus’ life and purpose – as part of God’s plan from the beginning.”

“My girls really enjoyed doing the devotional in December! It was well written and fun for them. Thank you for the time you put into it.”

“Both of my kids [ages 4 and 6] thoroughly enjoyed the Bible study this year. Of course, the 6 year old was more intrigued, but both were very enthusiastic about our daily devotionals. Thank you for providing an awesome way for me to teach my young children about Jesus throughout the Bible, and lead them toward the exciting event of His birth. Although some of the presentation was more advanced, I feel this is good, so we can use it again for the next few years and they can get more out of it each year.”

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