Jacob’s Geometry Package

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Ever wondered why you have to learn geometry? Wonder no more! This program answers the why question, showing geometry in action and teaching students to think mathematically.

Note: We expect to release an ecourse to go with this product in 2021. The course will walk through the program from a biblical worldview and make for a seamless transition for those using the Principles series.


A Note from Katherine: I’ve always had a high regard for Jacob’s high school math series, and was excited when I saw they were being reprinted. I love how this program incorporates history and teaches the student to use math in problem-solving situations. Students won’t be left wondering what geometry is all about. Instead, they’ll learn to apply the skills their learning and truly think mathematically. And coming August 2021, I’m releasing an eCourse to go with the program that both teaches the concept and builds on the practical examples in the book, pointing the student back to God as they learn!

  • Student Book includes easy-to-follow instructions and selected answers in the back.
  • Teacher Guide provides a detailed schedule, tests, and test answer keys.
  • Solutions Manual helps the student with understanding all the answers from the book.

View Sample of Textbook

View Sample of Teacher Guide

View Sample of Solutions Manual

Coming Soon: eCourse Supplement

I’m working on an optional ecourse to go alongside the program that will remove those challenges. Students will be able to watch a video that will teach them the concept…and will have access to a customized schedule that explains which problems to do, use as bonus problems, etc. It should be available on the in August of 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard Jacob’s materials are very rigorous and am concerned about whether my student will be able to use them.
This curriculum does deal with concepts in a very rigorous way, which is excellent for building mathematical thinking and showing students how to really apply what they’re learning. Be sure to get the ecourse and use it alongside the program, as it will guide students through that and minimize unnecessary difficulties due to wording or explanation challenges.

I used Principles of Mathematics. Will it be easy to transition to the Jacob’s program?
Students who’ve finished Book 2 of Principles of Mathematics should be ready to begin Jacob’s Elementary Algebra, and then Jacob’s Geometry. The eCourse videos will have Katherine (author of Principles of Mathematics) presenting the concepts, so students can have Katherine teaching them for junior high through high school.


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