Jacob’s Elementary Algebra

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When most people think of algebra, they think of meaningless equations and rules. This curriculum will change that. Students don’t just learn meaningless manipulation. Instead, they’re taught to apply math to real life and to stretch their problem-solving skills at every turn.

New! There’s now an eCourse to go with Jacob’s Elementary Algebra that walks students through the concepts–from a biblical worldview!


A Note from Katherine: I’ve always had a high regard for Jacob’s high school math series, and was excited when I saw they were being reprinted. I love how this program incorporates history and teaches the student to use math in problem-solving situations. Students won’t be left wondering what all those xs and ys are about anyway. Instead, they’ll learn to apply the skills their learning and truly think mathematically. While the program doesn’t connect math to God, it does teach math as a practical tool. If students have already completed Principles of Mathematics, they should be able to see how what they’re learning declares the Creator’s praises.

  • The Student Book teaches the material and includes the problems to solve. Self-directed students can read through the material on their own; others may need a parent/teacher to work through the book with them. Answers to some of the problems are in the back of the book, with answers to all of the others (along with solutions) in the solutions manual. View Sample.
  • The Teacher Guide provides a detailed schedule, perforated worksheets featuring separate problems from those included in the Student Book, tests, and test answer keys. View Sample.
  • Solutions Manual helps the student with understanding the answers to all of the problems. View Sample.

Also Available Separately: DVD instruction

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard Jacob’s materials are very rigorous and am concerned about whether my student will be able to use them.
This curriculum does deal with concepts in a very rigorous way, which is excellent for building mathematical thinking and showing students how to really apply what they’re learning; however, if you are coming from a program that did not emphasize problem solving, you may wish to start with Principles of Mathematics to build those skills first.

I used Principles of Mathematics. Will it be easy to transition to the Jacob’s program?
Students who’ve finished Book 2 of Principles of Mathematics should be ready to begin Jacob’s Algebra. The set up in Jacob’s is very similar to Principles of Mathematics. There’s a schedule just like in Principles of Mathematics, as well as perforated worksheets. It works much the same way–read a section, and work a worksheet. Unlike Principles of Mathematics, though, it also includes additional problems for students who need more practice, along with a detailed Solutions Manual and an optional DVD.

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  1. Esther beal

    I have a 16-year-old daughter that I would like to test to determine what curriculum would be best for her. She struggled in math Mattix yet this is beginning to hold her back in her desire is to Pursue medicine and engaged in higher level science courses. I also have another daughter who is 13 almost 14 and good at math and finished a curriculum this year and I would like to test her. Do you have any testing material that we can determine which would be best.

    • kate loop

      Thank you for your interest in our program.

      Placement tests for Principles of Mathematics are available here:

      For Jacob’s algebra and geometry, there are not placement tests. Students should have a good grasp of arithmetic and problem solving and preferably had some prealgebra (Principles of Mathematics 2 is our prealgebra course.)

      I hope that helps—feel free to write with additional questions.

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