eCourse Supplement for Principles of Mathematics (Book 2)


Have an auditory or visual leaner? A student who needs more hand-holding? No problem!

In the engaging eCourse videos, Katherine walks students through the concepts via animated PowerPoint slides, eliminating the need to read the entire lessons (the textbook becomes more of a reference).


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  1. Carmen

    I wanted to thank you for creating the videos to go along with each lesson. My daughter has learned so much these past 2 levels!
    We used Principles of Mathematics 1 and 2 for 6-8th grades. It started with a wonderful review of arithmetic and continued into pre-algebra, geometry, statistics, and finances (and more). The videos were easy for her to watch on her own and she was able to complete the worksheets with some minor help from me. I feel that she has made huge leaps in her math understanding. Things she used to struggle with she now gets easily and says they are easy.
    We have enjoyed it so much that I recommend it to anyone who asks for middle school math suggestions.
    The author was quick to respond when we asked questions or recommendations from her. So wonderful to have that support!

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