Math from a Christian Perspective

Math from a Biblical Worldview?

I know it sounds crazy. Where's God in math? Isn't math neutral? No, math is not neutral, and it can be taught from a distinctly biblical worldview. Find out how in a free video and other biblical math information.


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Transforming Math

Transforming Math

Access to a short video that will help you understand how to let biblical principles transform your math class.

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You'll begin receiving Katherine's blog posts, along with other math information, to help you make math come alive for your students as you teach it from a biblical worldview.

Katherine’s information is transforming my view of math! - Workshop Attendee

Featured Math Content

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Check out this recent Facebook Live chat in which Katherine talks a little about choosing a curriculum and shares about the curriculum we carry. You can watch the replay (whether or not you have a Facebook account) here.

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Resources to Make Teaching Math Biblically Easy

Check out these ready-to-go resources!

Want something ready-to-go that will help your students understand math, equip them to use it in real life, and convey a biblical worldview?

We've got lots of resources for you!

Elementary Package

Elementary Package

Junior High/High School Package

Junior High and High School Package

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Ready to Transform Your Math Class?

This free video will help you get started transforming your math class by showing you how to truly teach from a biblical worldview.

It is possible for students to really discover math's purpose and understand why they're learning what they're learning...and how it all declares God's praises.

Transforming Math
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