Transform Your Math Class

Transform How Your Child Sees Math.

Math is much more than meaningless rules and facts! Math's very existence declares God's praises. It IS possible for students to finish math praising God. Grab your FREE VIDEO to learn more.

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Produced by a Homeschool Graduate for Homeschoolers

I grew up in a Christian homeschooling family. We saw God in science, history--in everything but math. In high school especially, I didn't understand why I had to learn math.

Understanding the biblical worldview toward math made a huge difference. Now, all of those letters in algebra had a purpose. Math became an exciting journey into exploring God's creation.

I've produced resources (including a junior high curriculum) and I am offering a free introductory video and materials because I want other students to understand math's purpose too. It's been a joy to hear from students and parents all around the country how transformational understanding a biblical worldview in math has been. I hope you'll sign up, and I look forward to exploring God's handiwork in math with you!

Katherine’s information is transforming my view of math! - Workshop Attendee

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What You'll Receive

Transforming Math

Transforming Math

Access to a short video that will help you understand how to let biblical principles transform your math class.

Additional Math Information

You'll begin receiving Katherine's blog posts, along with other math information, to help you make math come alive for your students as you teach it from a biblical worldview.

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