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Our prayer is that the math video, ideas, and resources we have here will help you and your children discover God in your math class. May we look to Him everywhere–including math! Please be sure to sign up for our math updates so you will receive new information as it’s posted. And check out our new math blog.

Gain the Perspective

Additional Resources – Note: These resources are NOT necessarily written from a Christian worldview. Please see the resources under “Gain the Perspective” for the biblical materials we’ve found.

Video Interview on Viewing and Teaching Math Biblically

Spotlight on Math – Homeschool Spotlight with HSLDA from Paul Bass on Vimeo.

  • Table Math – Did you know you could teach nearly every math concept using just the objects on a table?
  • Teaching Math Sets by Organizing – As a student, I always used to struggle when my math book began talking about counting numbers, whole numbers, real numbers, irrational numbers, and other number groups. Who determined that these numbers were real numbers, while these other numbers were irrational ones? And what did it matter?
  • Back-to-School Ideas – A couple fall/back-to-school related ideas you could use to help bring math into everyday life, showing your child that math is a real-life tool we use to help us describe and quantify God’s creation.
  • Oh, no! I’m Out of Ideas/Fall Suggestions – Have you ever looked at your child’s math lesson and thought, I have no clue how to teach this. I’m clean out of ideas? If so, you’re not alone. We all face times when we’re simply not sure what to do or how to present something.
  • The Masterpiece in Math – A short reminder not to miss God’s masterpiece in math.
  • Going Back to the Source – A short analogy and reminder to go keep seeking wisdom directly from the source–God.
  • Balancing, Measuring, and Such – A few weeks ago, I visited a local historic home with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Something I saw there sparked a little research and has resulted in this post : ).
  • Money Fun – Short thought on how you can integrate math, history, and money conversions!

Biblical Math Resources

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