Math Resources for Christian Schools

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Regardless of the curriculum you use, these resources are designed to help you show students God's wonder in mathematics.

You want your students to see every subject from a biblical worldview. But how can you do that in math?

How to teach math from a biblical worldview has puzzled teachers. But it is possible to do more than add a Bible verse to the top of the page. Math can be an exciting journey into God’s faithfulness and incredible creation. Students can finish math praising the Creator.

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Regardless of what curriculum you use, these resources will help you integrate a biblical worldview in mathematics, transforming your math class.

Grab a copy for all of your math teachers and substitute teachers! Save when you order 10 or more copies of any one title. Contact for details.

Revealing Arithmetic is a spectacular book! It will be required reading for all of my “Math Ed.” students.

– Jay Auxt, adjunct instructor at Antietam Bible College

Elementary School

Revealing Arithmetic is used at Christian colleges to help equip future teachers, as it walks teachers through modifying their existing curriculum to truly present a biblical worldview. Filled with practical examples and ideas for arithmetic concepts (K-5th or 6th grade).

All Ages/General Introduction

Beyond Numbers is a short, concise guide to teaching math from a biblical worldview. Learn the principles that can transform your math class.



This gigantic reference book gives teachers an in-depth look at the history of mathematics and the battle of worldviews. Not light reading, but math teachers (especially of upper math) will find it fascinating. The book also contains an excellent index.

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