Math from a Biblical Worldview eCourse

The entire course–all three videos–is a little under 1 hour long. Watch all three at once, or one at a time. Either way, we trust they’ll help you see math differently!

“Katherine’s information is transforming my view of math!”

This eCourse is no longer being offered for free. If you do not already have a password, please see our newest free video, Transforming Math.

Video 1: Where’s God in math?

We see Him in science and history, but math? In this first video, we’ll take a look at how math’s very existence loudly declares God’s praises.

Video 2: Why Don’t Students See God in Math?

Get ready to discover the worldview battle in math.

Video 3: So how do I teach from a biblical worldview?

It’s time to dig into how to actually go about transforming your math class.

Additional Resources

Below are resources to help make teaching math from a biblical worldview simple. Use the coupon code in the video to save 10%!

Katherine’s Favorite: Check out Revealing Arithmetic for grades pre-K through 6, and Principles of Mathematics for grades 6+.

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