Course Extras: Jacob’s Geometry

This page is designed to help provide support for Kate’s Jacob’s Geometry eCourse, a video supplement that walk students through Jacob’s Geometry in an engaging, visual/auditory way! View samples on

Helpful Resources

  • Free Online Graphing Calculators – These calculators can be used instead of a graphing calculator for this course. (It is recommended that college-bound students get a graphing calculator, however, so they are already familiar with using one.)
    • Desmos (suggested, due to ease of identifying values and zooming in and out) – Note that you have to press the keyboard symbol in the bottom left to get a keyboard. Press y = and the values y equals, using x to stand for the independent variable. Use ^ to show exponents (use your right arrow to get back from an exponent to a regular value). Click on the graph of the curve itself to see the value at any particular point. Zoom in or out using the plus or minus signs. Add a second equation by clicking underneath where the first is typed and typing another one.
    • Math Is Fun – Use ^ to show exponents; use the first line for inputting the first equation, and the second for the second.


Chapter 4, Lesson 6, Problem 46

The image shows how AB was found using the Pythagorean theorem. The other measurements were obtained the same way.

problem 46