Teaching Math from a Biblical Worldview – Homeschool Package

How can math be viewed from a biblical worldview? Watch the video to find out!

Homeschool Math PackageBiblical Math Homeschool Package

Use Alongside Any Curriculum!

Do you want to present math from a biblical perspective to your child, but need ideas and a framework from which to start?

Are you tired of biblical integration meaning just a Bible verse at the top of the page or a word problem in the text?

Are you looking for fresh inspiration for your math class?

The Biblical Math Homeschool Package offers resources written by a Homeschool Graduate for Homeschool Parents.

These resources integrate with your current curriculum, but show you how to transform your math class by applying biblical principles to math.

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The Biblical Math Homeschool Package contains the following resources:

Revealing ArithmeticRevealing Arithmetic

Transform your math class and show your child God’s handiwork in math.
For Christians, I believe this book
is a “must read” to complement any math curriculum.
– Joyce Herzog, Choosing & Using Curriculum

“Revealing Arithmetic is the perfect reference work to assist homeschoolers teaching math to students of all ages. Whatever curriculum you are using, this book explains math concepts in clear, easy-to-understand principles from the Word of God…
– Lea Ann Garfias, Homeschool Mom and author of the blog “Whatever State I Am” (View entire review.)

Learn more about Revealing Arithmetic.

Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math BiblicallyBeyond Numbers E-book

Learn how to see and teach math from a biblical worldview with this easy-to-read guidebook.
A great, general-purpose introduction for a typical parent.
– James D. Nickel, author of Mathematics: Is God Silent?

Learn more about Beyond Numbers.

Teaching Math Biblically MP3

An audio overview of teaching math biblically.
What do we mean by teaching math biblically? Does it really matter? And how do I begin? Find out in this 45-minute workshop.

Homeschooling: God Is SufficientHomeschooling: God Is Sufficient MP3

Encouragement for the homeschool mom…from the perspective of a homeschool graduate!
Hear from a homeschool graduate how God turned weaknesses into strengths, social deserts into priceless times of fellowship, and devastating circumstances into incredible opportunities.


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