Math Curriculum Overview/Flow

Elementary Math

Revealing Arithmetic

Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts from a Biblical Worldview

Designed to be used by the parent/teacher while teaching grades preK-grade 6. Unlike the other materials listed here, this program is not a standalone curriculum; it is designed to go alongside any curriculum, guiding the parent/teacher in teaching arithmetic concepts. It can also be used by older students needing a review of the basics. A Christian college also uses it to help train elementary teachers on how to teach math from a biblical worldview.

Junior High Math

Principles of Mathematics

Principles of Mathematics: Book 1 and Principles of Mathematics: Book 2

Designed to take 2 years (grades 7 and 8), although there is a schedule for completing in 3 years at a slower pace for students who start earlier as well as one for completing in 1 year at an accelerated pace for older students. Together, the books are a pre-algebra program. Book 1 focuses on firming up arithmetic, building problem-solving skills, and geometry preparation, while Book 2 focuses on pre-algebra. Take the placement tests to determine if a student is ready to begin Book 1.

High School Math

High School Curriculum

Jacob's Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1)
9th grade, or whenever a student is ready for algebra.
Jacob's Geometry
10th grade, or the year after Algebra 1

Note: Katherine has designed an ecourse to go alongside both of these programs that brings in the biblical worldview and allows for easy transitions into and out of the Principles program. 

Algebra 2

Principles of Algebra 2: Applied Algebra from a Biblical Worldview (Algebra 2)
11th grade, or the year after Geometry

After Algebra 2…
Upon completion of Principles of Algebra 2, students should complete a geometry course (if not already completed); if they have already completed geometry, students should be ready to begin a precalculus course or a college algebra program. Advanced students may also want to study for and take the College Algebra CLEP test. While Principles does not cover everything on the test, advanced students may be able to use a CLEP study guide to fill in additional college-level concepts (as well as to gain familiarity with the test format). Some students may simply be done their high school math after Algebra 2, as it is often the last required math course.

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