Mothers Wanted

This “want ad” was written by my children years ago in celebration of Mother’s Day. I hope it will encourage and challenge you as much as it did me. Fight the good fight in Him! –Cris Loop


The Christian Community is in desperate need of godly mothers. Mothers shape and mold the character of the next generation and inadvertently control the direction of this generation through their influence over their husbands. History has shown that the general mindset of the mothers in a nation determines the direction that nation will move. The mother has unparalleled opportunities to educate her children that no one else will ever have.

“when I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am persuaded is in you also.” 2 Timothy

Job Description:

As a mother, you will be in charge of running a household full of sinful, self-centered creatures who will neither appreciate you like they ought nor thank you for your labors. You will constantly labor in menial tasks such as preparing dinner, changing diapers, or cleaning messes. Your hard work will never end-there will always be something requiring your attention.


WARNING: This job is a lifelong, 24-hour commitment, and once embarked upon, cannot be quit or terminated.


Having children automatically qualifies you to motherhood. However, how you as a mother choose to act will have an immense impact on many lives. How you handle disappointments will be how your children will handle disappointments, how you view work will be how they will tend to view work, how you raise your voice will be how they will tend to raise their voice, and how you treat and train them will be how they will tend to treat and train their children. You are constantly teaching them, whether you or they realize it or not.

Important Character traits:

  1. An all-consuming passion to serve Christ in this role, whether appreciated on earth or not.

  2. A willingness to be stepped on personally and have your rights trampled in order to exalt God.

  3. A willingness to stand for God and His Kingdom, coupled with the wisdom to know when to stand and the discipline to stand, not in your own strength, but in God’s strength.

  4. An eternal vision and mindset that looks past the temporal inconveniences into God’s eternal plan.

  5. A servant’s heart and attitude.

  6. Patience from God and wisdom to gently guide the family into a deeper walk with Him.

In short, a mother must have counted herself dead to herself and recognize that every part of her life and time is God’s. How she cleans dishes will either honor her Lord or dishonor Him. It is what is done in Him that counts. Her apparently menial, everyday tasks are actually one of the most important occupations in the world.


While a mother receives no monetary compensation, the benefits of motherhood far exceed silver or gold. They can only be reckoned in Heaven. Suffice it to say that they include glittering gems to lay at the feet of our Blessed Lord.


We wish to encourage and exhort all current mothers to fill their role valiantly and humbly. Rest assured, your “labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

Lastly, we wish to challenge the other members of the Christian community. In order for a Christian household to run appropriately, every member, not just the mother, must maintain a constant relationship with the Head, our Lord Jesus Christ. Each must be willing to be trampled on, to bite his tongue, to forfeit his plans-to do whatever necessary to build up the body of Christ. Each must reckon himself dead–without rights or plans in this world–and must live drawing his strength, life, and health from the Head. Each member must actively pursue ways to help and pull one another forward, and must live toward the end of exalting Christ and His Kingdom above all else.

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