More About Our Holiday Devotionals/Bible Studies

These fun-and-easy holiday devotionals help you:

  • Make Bible time fun for your childrenThese devotionals come with fun activities for children that reinforce the message. Children will love making their own little books or decorating their own flower garden!
  • Teach your children how the Old and New Testament fit togetherBy tracing God’s message to us right from the beginning, these devotionals will help you and your children see all of God’s Word as His message to you.

    “I heard my daughters (age 8 ) prayers mature. We discussed/reinforced her understanding of why Jesus was born. We got into the habit of reading every day! She also gained an understanding about the difference between following the law and following Jesus and why we had to have the law. I also came to a more clear understanding of this.” –Homeschool mom in Virginia

  • Witness to friends and familyThe “book” or “garden” the children make provides a great conversation starter with friends and family. The completed crafts themselves give the gospel message, helping children review what they learned and share the message with others.
  • Help your children understand the whole gospel message 

    Although short and simple, these devotionals present the gospel message in a clear way that will encourage everyone–adults and children alike. 

    “The kids enjoyed listening while decorating the page. I liked how the true need of salvation was related at a child’s level.” –Homeschool mom“One of the aspects I most like is that the author does not make it simplistic or foolish just because it is for children!  How refreshing in a devotional for little ones. It is understandable to young minds, engages them in the activity, and yet offers the meat of God’s Word. How can you go wrong?”–From a review of the devotional by Kate Kessler. Published in the Old Schoolhouse Magazine

  • Get in the habit of coming before the Word of God together as a family
  • Keep focused on the meaning of the holiday
  • Meditate on God’s Word throughout your day Each devotional ends with a short think about that gives you a truth to ponder and apply that day.

These devotionals require no parent preparations–all supplies but glue and crayons come included!

Simply grab your kit off the shelf, and you’re all ready to go! Scripture verses are even typed out within the devotional, so you don’t have to look them up.

Devotions work well for a variety of ages, enabling the whole family to study God’s Word together.

We designed the devotionals so that the entire family could study the Bible together. The text is simple enough that even a young child can grasp the main points but deep enough that older siblings and parents will learn and grow as well. The activity portion is appropriate for any child who would enjoy putting a sticker and coloring in his/her own book.

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