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An Unforgettable Christmas Journey

POPromoI still remember the joy of opening a fun daily devotional each day in December leading up to Christmas. It helped me keep focused on the Lord through the whirl of the Christmas season.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: if you’re looking for a simple, fun devotional you can use with your children this Christmas season (or give to a family with young children), I wanted to let you know about Jesus—the Promised One. It’s a Christmas devotional, but it’s not just a Christmas devotional. As they listen, children make their own books that capture the Bible’s message (making them perfect tools to use in sharing the gospel with family members over the holidays).

Rather than starting in Luke, this devotional starts at the very beginning, tracing God’s plan of redemption throughout the Old Testament. I chose to begin in Genesis because for years I didn’t understand the purpose of the law or the “big picture” of the Bible’s message. Understanding it was life-changing—and what better time to reflect on God’s amazing plan of redemption than over Christmas, or to share that plan with children you know?

The ebook version is on sale for $10.99 for the remainder of November. That price includes all the pages to print for children to make their own little books, along with the daily devotional.

View Jesus–the Promised One. (If you’ve used it before, I’d love it if you were to leave a review, and share this post with others.)

(For some additional Christmas ideas, check out this page: Keeping Focused on Christ in the Christmas Season: Devotional and Bible Ideas for Children.)



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