Holiday Devotionals/Bible Studies

Ideas and Resources to Help You Keep Focused on the Lord During the Holidays

Ready-to-Go Devotionals/Bible Studies - Meaningful Bible Lessons and a Craft for Kids!

Thanksgiving Devotional
Christmas Bible Study
Easter Bible Study
Holidays always presented the same dilemma. How could we truly use them as a time to focus on the Lord instead of getting lost in all the worldly trappings? Our holiday Bible studies are designed to provide you with a fun and meaningful way to take advantage of the holidays to draw closer to the Lord.
  • Comes as a set that includes an easy yet meaningful craft for children to complete as they listen.
  • Simple yet deep, to allow families to grow in appreciation for the Lord together as they spent a few minutes together in His Word.
  • Easy to use, uplifting, and fun!

Freebie! Download the Gingerbread Stables.

Instead of traditional gingerbread houses, why not make stables? They’re fun and meaningful, and you can use them as outreach tools! This instructional booklet includes patterns and instructions. Enjoy!

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