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Mar 05

The Gospel – Needed Everyday

By kate loop | Righteousness , Thoughts

I had failed once again, despite trying so hard to get it right. Discouragement and condemnation banged on the doors and windows of my heart. You’re a failure, they whispered. You’re hopeless. True…but that doesn’t need to end in discouragement or condemnation. Unlike in other religions, in which man has to make himself worthy of […]

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Feb 12

Thought: Hidden Bows

By kate loop | Thoughts , Trust

Big bows, little bows–everywhere I look, I see another hidden bow. My mom had some extra bows left over from an event, so she has used them to decorate our home. The bows have gotten us both to thinking about hidden gifts–specifically, how the Lord often has hidden gifts for us in the different situations […]

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Nov 30

Thought: Taking Time to Listen

By kate loop | Thoughts

Life gets busy–especially in today’s society, and especially this time of year. A few weeks back, I took on a temporary part-time position and discovered that my days suddenly got very, very full. I was being stretched. I was out in the world a lot, being inundated with secular music and messages on every hand. […]

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Feb 20

With a Whole Heart

By kate loop | Thoughts

The different moods music can convey never cease to amaze me. Music can be happy, woeful, eager, mournful, exhilarating–the list could go on. Each piece, when played with feeling and a full heart, conveys emotion and meaning. Yet I have found that those same pieces can also sound like empty noise. There have been days […]

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