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Apr 05

Which Way to Go?

By kate loop | Guidance , Peace , Short Stories

There once was a sheep who didn’t know which way to go. The path she had been following had ended, leaving her in the middle of a small clearing that was surrounded by woods on all sides. Upon closer investigation, there were many paths heading into the woods. But which path should she take? Panic […]

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Jun 28

Story: Worry or Rest?

By kate loop | Peace , Short Stories

Wash the dishes, take out the trash, finish an email—Amanda had more to do in life than there were hours left to do them. She tried to fall asleep, but sleep just wouldn’t come. Her financial situation also weighed heavily on her mind. She had lost her job, and money was tight. The load of […]

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Nov 08

Returning to Rest

By kate loop | God's Love , Peace , Short Stories

Biscuit bounced into the room with all the energy and joy of a puppy, despite being a two-year-old lab. She wagged her tail and happily buried her face in Jason’s lap. Jason lovingly stroked her head. He loved Biscuit. And so far, Biscuit had seemed delighted with her new owner. Ever since he had rescued […]

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Mar 05

Story: Job Usurping

By kate loop | Obedience , Peace , Short Stories

Jeremy wanted desperately to be helpful. In fact, he had given up several opportunities in order to stay home and help his father. But now Jeremy was incredibly frustrated. It felt as if he wasn’t accomplishing anything. Sure, he had a few small tasks to do, but they were nothing special. He wanted to make […]

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