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Jan 05

Biblical Math Curriculum Coming Soon

By kate [loop] hannon | Biblical Math Blog , Biblical Math Resources , Curriculum Reviews , Math Book Progress , Resources , Teaching Resources

For those of you who’ve been wondering where I’ve been…I’m still here! I’ve just been under tight deadlines to finish up a junior high math curriculum in order to have it available this spring. Master Books will be publishing the curriculum. I’d appreciate your prayers for the project, and I will try to post more […]

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Jun 02

When Math Feels Daunting – Plus Summer Reading Coupon

By kate [loop] hannon | Biblical Math Blog , Biblical Math Resources , Encouragement , Musings

Math—especially upper-level math—can feel daunting. Teaching it can seem insurmountable. How do we do it? Step by step. Whether a course, concept, or problem, it becomes doable when we break it down into steps. In our next post, we’ll take a look at some ways to help to teach your child problem-solving skills. For now, […]

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Apr 03

Why Learn Fractions?

By kate [loop] hannon | Fractions

Have you ever wondered why we need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions? After all, don’t we use decimal notation for most real-life problems? Division, Algebra, and Fractions One main use of fractions is found in algebra. While most curricula present fractions as a way of describing partial quantities, it is […]

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Jan 10

Math: A Gift

By kate [loop] hannon | Biblical Math Blog , Musings

Have you ever thought about how our very ability to use math is an amazing gift? To start with, you’re able to read the numbers! Your eyes take in an image. Your brain turns that image right-side up, connecting it with what you’ve learned about the language of mathematics, and gives an interpretation. And all […]

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