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The Life of Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)

Artist Jakob Emanuel Handmann’s rendition of Leonhard Euler. Found on Wikipedia. I’ve started the algebra section in the math curriculum I’m writing–which meant the time had finally come to cover Euler’s life. Leonard Euler has to be one of my favorite mathematicians. This short extract from the curriculum highlights some important lessons his life teaches.…

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Resource Week – Free Practical Math Lessons

It’s resource week! SCORE Mathematics Lessons – Check this site for some free, practical lesson ideas for grades K-12. Many of these lessons offer ideas on how to have children apply math for a specific real-life project, such as planning a trip or buying a car. Although written for a classroom setting, most of the…

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Lessons from the Life of Johannes Kepler

Known as the discoverer of the laws of planetary motion, Johannes Kepler was the first to propose that the planets circle the sun in elliptical shapes rather than in circular shapes as previously thought. Although often thought of as a scientist, Kepler was also a mathematician. In his study of planetary motion, Kepler used extensive…

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