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Silos, Snow, & Math Curriculum Sale

You know you might be writing a math curriculum when the sight of silos out the window causes you to think to yourself, “Calculating the volume of a silo would be a great application problem!”


Or when digging out your car from a snowstorm causes you to wonder at the thousands upon thousands of tiny hexagons—each a marvel of God’s creative engineering—that you’re tossing carelessly aside. (See my previous blog post about snowflake math.)

Or when a long drive has you pondering the amazingly consistent way God holds all things together that allows us to algebraically describe the relationships between speed, velocity, acceleration, distance, time, etc.

Or when you spend a snowed-in day researching trigonometry and functions and end up excited to no end at how they help us describe the order God has hidden in sounds!

I continue to be amazed at how math applies literally everywhere, pointing us to God’s faithfulness, creativity, power, care, and wisdom—and helping us with the tasks He’s given us to do. And I’m getting super excited about sharing some of those glimpses with you in my new math curriculum. The curriculum includes lots of these sorts of real-life examples so students can begin seeing math in connection with God’s creation.

While we’re still in the final editing stages, we’re close enough to completion that the curriculum is now available for pre-order (orders will ship later this spring). As a pre-order special, we’re offering the complete curriculum for $42.96 (an $12.02 savings!).


I’d love it if you’d take a look…and tell your friends!

Any questions about the curriculum? Please leave them below.

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1 thought on “Silos, Snow, & Math Curriculum Sale

  1. It was interesting that I should see this article. I am tutoring a high school young man, in math. When he was studying algebra he would say, “Why do I need to know how to find the surface area, or volume of a ‘
    cylinder, or other shapes. He is a farm boy, and I like to use things that he can relate to, so my answer was,
    ” You never know when you might need to paint a silo, or barn, or know how to calculate how much corn you can put into your silo.”
    I home schooled my 9 children, and now they are all grown, and I always wished I could find a math program that was Biblical..

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