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Resource Week – Free Practical Math Lessons

It’s resource week!

SCORE Mathematics Lessons – Check this site for some free, practical lesson ideas for grades K-12. Many of these lessons offer ideas on how to have children apply math for a specific real-life project, such as planning a trip or buying a car. Although written for a classroom setting, most of the lessons could easily be adapted to the home. It’s a site you may wish to bookmark and consult when you’re not sure how a specific concept serves as a useful tool or need an idea on how to actually have your child apply a concept. Please use your own discernment, as many of the lessons include Internet usage.

REMINDER! Next week is request week. Does anyone have a specific concept or question you’d like discussed?

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3 thoughts on “Resource Week – Free Practical Math Lessons

  1. Glad the resource could be helpful! God bless.

  2. Hi Katherine — great resource, thanks so much! May the Lord bless you in your efforts to help Christian homeschoolers gain greater interest and appreciation in math! Vince, Derwood MD

  3. LOVE this resource…thanks for sharing is just what I need when I run out of ideas!

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