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New Video – Math Overview

Math from a Biblical Worldview

Description: God…and math??? How can math be presented biblically? What does God have to do with math? Learn more in this short (2:23) video.

Note: If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video say?

For some time now, I’ve been feeling the need for a very short video on math from a biblical worldview that could serve as an introduction to new visitors to this site and a resource our subscribers could use to easily share the message about math with their friends.

So at long last, here it is. I would love to hear your feedback…and would be delighted if you use the share button on YouTube to share the video with your friends.


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2 thoughts on “New Video – Math Overview

  1. Katherine,

    Chuck sent me this link to your new website. I am so thankful
    for the way the Lord is using you to glorify Him and to lead others
    to appreciate what we can learn about Him in math. Your website
    is very well done.

    Often I think of what math teaches us about Jesus, “He is
    infinite, absolute and orderly.” What other subject helps learn
    these things about Jesus?

    By the way, did you follow through with my suggestion
    to look at the definition of mathematics
    in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary and then look for the definitions of
    every word in that original definition, plus defining all the other words, etc.
    If not, I encourage you to do so. One teacher who had taught math
    for decades was astonished at what he learned about math from doing
    this “definition hunt” in Webster’s 1828.

    Blessings to you as you follow the Lord’s leading,

    Betty Howard

    1. Mrs. Howard, thank you for your kind words and suggestion. ~ Katherine

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