New Math Book Cover – Opinions Wanted

By kate [loop] hannon | Biblical Math Blog

Aug 22

Could you take a moment to take a look at this new proposed book cover for Beyond Numbers? I would greatly value your opinion.

Here’s the current cover.

Beyond Numbers

And here’s the redesign we’re considering (note that the watermark in the background is just temporary).

Beyond Numbers Cover

I’d really love to hear your thoughts about the proposed new cover. What does it make you think of/what does it say to you? What do you/don’t you like about it?

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About the Author

After having her own view of math transformed, Katherine has been researching, writing, and speaking on a biblical worldview of math for more than a decade. Her books on math and a biblical worldview have been used by individuals, homeschool groups, and Christian schools and colleges, and she recently finished a junior high math curriculum. Receive her free Math from a Biblical Worldview e-mail course at

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Earnest Lapitan July 5, 2012

Iā€™m glad I located this blog.

Allison Moore August 23, 2010

I think the new cover is much prettier, but if I were looking for a book like this one, the old cover tells me more about it and why I should buy it. The new cover is eye catching, but not directed toward the intended audience. Maybe if you have the sunflower picture with the words from the first cover.

kloop August 23, 2010

These comments are SO helpful! I’m definitely getting the idea it’s a much more professional cover, but may perhaps need a tad more to “math” it up?

Any dads out there? I wondered if the flower would be too feminine for the guys…

Sara Garner August 23, 2010

Hi there,

I much prefer the warmth of the organic sunflower and wood image to the previous cover however I’m not getting a visual connection to the Biblical aspect of what I assume is in the text.

Maybe some rocks loosely scattered in the shape of a cross, fish or circle? Or a loaf of bread…or unleavened bread cut into fractions…staying with the natural elements…

Mrs. K Hewett August 23, 2010

I really like the new cover idea, but perhaps the addition of a faint fibonaci line drawing super-imposed on the sunflower might help people see the illustration of math in God’s creation? Other than that, I think the cover is excellent.

Betsy August 23, 2010

The new cover is much more friendly and approachable. While the old cover got your point across, it is very sterile and cold. I would be much more likely to pick up the flower cover book and buy it.

Kathy Kuhl August 23, 2010

The new cover is warmer, more inviting. I like the sunflower, a subtle Fibonacci allusion.
Are the arithmetic problems written on a picnic table in the background?
(Sorry, this mom wants her kids to wash that table now!)
What, no pi? No Pythagorean theorem? Not even a pretty little parabola, or a Golden spiral?
I know you don’t want it cluttered or scary, but something beyond arithmetic might suggest the depth of beauty in math.
Still, overall I like it.

Ruth Cooper August 22, 2010

I LOVE the new cover… I had started to leave a different comment on your Facebook comment, but realized you had mentioned the old cover was the one that was showing up as the thumbnail. So I clicked through and … WOW! I absolutely, unreservedly LOVE the sunflower cover. The first one wasn’t bad, but the sunflower pops, ties into all sorts of neat mathematical ideas, and feels approachable (for those who are timid of taking on math). Well done.

Cheryl Turner August 22, 2010

I love the sunflower cover! I think it will attract many more homeschooling moms than the original one.

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