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Math Talks @ Free Online Summit

Homeschool Summit

June 27-28 (that’s THIS Thursday and Friday–math track on Friday)

My publisher, Master Books, is doing a Recipe for a Successful Homeschool Summit, and I got to be part of their math track. The talks focus around using and transitioning between some of the resources Master Books has published (including some of my math materials), although we ended up sharing a lot of other thoughts about teaching math in general.

If interested in viewing the chats, register (for free) for the summit.

Here are the talk titles:

Your Teaching Companions for Math
Leveling Up #1: Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School Math
Leveling Up #2: Transitioning from Middle School to High School Math

Hope you all are having a refreshing summer! As you think about the next school year, remember that our faithful God understands you, your children, and your situation. He keeps creation working consistently enough that we can use math–and He knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7).

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