Math Curriculum in Process

By kate [loop] hannon | Biblical Math Blog

Nov 29

For those of you wondering if I disappeared, I’m still here, and I am still actively looking at math. My math time has just been consumed with working on a middle-school math curriculum that will both firm up arithmetic/the foundations and give students a biblical worldview on geometry, algebra, and upper-level math.

Yes, I said curriculum—the supplemental math book I had been working on has morphed into a full-blown curriculum, complete with problems and an answer key.

I don’t expect the curriculum to be published for some time, but I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I work on it. It is a huge, often-overwhelming project, but I’m very excited about what it will offer when finished! Stay tune for more details and updates as time progresses.

In the meantime, does anyone have a topic they’d like me to address on the blog? A question, maybe? Leave it as a comment below.

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After having her own view of math transformed, Katherine has been researching, writing, and speaking on a biblical worldview of math for more than a decade. Her books on math and a biblical worldview have been used by individuals, homeschool groups, and Christian schools and colleges, and she recently finished a junior high math curriculum. Receive her free Math from a Biblical Worldview e-mail course at

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