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Math Articles and Tips

A few weeks ago, someone shared a link to in a comment and I wanted to pass it along to you all, as some of the free articles there looked quite helpful. The articles are located at

I especially liked many of the high school articles, as they gave some practical ideas on math’s applications. You could use each suggestion as a launching pad to have your student explore further.

The site also offers thousands of worksheets for a small membership fee. The lessons on the worksheets basically just explain the concept by offering an example problem worked out. A search online reveals other sites with free worksheets; however, if you’re looking for a wide variety of worksheets and don’t want to hunt all around to find them, the membership might be worth it for you. Be sure to view one of the worksheets first to see if the general quality/layout would work for you.

My prayers are with you all as you gear up for a new year of school. May each day be blessed with a deeper appreciation for God’s faithfulness and power.

In Him,


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1 thought on “Math Articles and Tips

  1. Hi Katherine,
    I share your passion for helping children learn how wonderful math is. I homeschooled my children (14 years). During that time I sought God’s guidance for better ways to learn math. I wrote a book on algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I also developed material that shows how to learn and retain the facts via a card and board system, and I hope to make this into an interactive digital game. I have over 800 pages outlining complete curriculum for K-6 using these methods.
    Your books start with grade 7 to high school. My books start with K and go to grade 6.
    I am seeking a way to have this work published so children can learn some little known but wonderful ways to learn and love math. I would love to dialogue with you on this subject.

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