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Math, Fractals, and Worldviews

math, fractals, and worldviews

In this workshop, creation scientist Dr. Jason Lisle explores numbers, using fractals to help show the incredible beauty in even abstract mathematics. Around 36 minutes into the workshop, Dr. Lisle explores the nature of math itself, showing how math simply doesn’t make sense apart from a biblical worldview.

While this isn’t a light video (expect to have to think a little…although you can still get the general idea even if you don’t get the mathematical details), it is an encouraging reminder that there’s amazing beauty in math…and that God is the Creator of that beauty.

Thank you to Don S for sharing the video with me in a comment to a previous post.

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2 thoughts on “Math, Fractals, and Worldviews

  1. Hello, This blog is my first attempt to fulfill a longing to understand math, algebra, geometry, and calculus. I believe the Father is glorified when we began to see ourselves as overcomers in those areas that have seemed insurmountable, and so math is no exception.

    1. Amen Sis this is Sheila and I believe your conquest is honoring HIM. I am considering starting a blog myself for my poetry writing. GOD BLESS you.

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