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Keeping the Heart

heartWriting a math curriculum has given me a new appreciation for how easy it is to lose the heart in math. We want students to understand how to convert units, how to find a volume, how to multiply, etc. Before we realize it, we get so focused on drilling the mechanics that we lose sight of the things that matter most–seeing the Lord, worshiping Him, etc.

I keep having to remind myself to step back from the details and remember the big picture–to remember that within math, we have an opportunity to ponder God’s faithfulness (without which none of math would work), His greatness, His care, etc. But just as we have to be intentional in life to keep our minds upon God, we have to intentionally focus on God in math too…or the most important things get buried in the details.

Watch next week for a few thoughts on how measurement reminds us of God’s greatness…in the meantime, please leave a comment with how your math school year is going and any thoughts or suggestions you’d like to share.

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