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Going Back to the Source

I had read so many works on math’s history that I thought for sure I had learned all I needed to learn. But as I was trying to finalize a few concepts late last week, I realized that I needed to do more research. I needed to go back and read the original writings of antiquity so I could see for myself what I’d read so many summaries about.

Fortunately, we live ten minutes from a university, so I was able to pack up my computer and head to the university library. Still, finding original works wasn’t easy, but as I got my hands on a few mathematic source books I felt well rewarded. There was something special about seeing those actual writings. The Lord also used the experience to remind me of a spiritual principle.

Just like I had nearly settled for summaries, we’re often tempted to settle for intellectual knowledge or summaries others make of God’s truths. Yet we continually need to go back to the Source–God Himself. God is the true Source of knowledge in all areas. There’s no substitute for hearing directly from Him in His Word.

In my past couple of blogs, I’ve tried to offer some practical resources to help you teaching math biblically, and I’ll try to keep posting practical ideas as I can. But it’s my prayer that you will keep going back to the Source yourself so that God Himself can give you the ideas and inspiration you need. There’s such a joy in letting Him teach us–in letting Him step in where we thought all was hopeless. As the Creator and Sustainer of all the order around us, His ideas and wisdom are infinite! What a wonderful privilege we have to keep going back to the ultimate Source.

Rejoicing in His Care,


P.S. As you may have picked up on in this post, I’ve been spending some time lately finishing up some research for Unveiling Numbers. I wanted to ask you all to pray. There is a LOT of finalization of concepts and decisions that still need made in order to get it off to the editor. Please pray that I’ll have the wisdom and discipline to both know what needs done and to get it done.

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