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Feedback Needed: New Book Title

I’m embarking on a supplemental book for high school students on math. My brother, a computer engineer, has agreed to write it with me, and we’re excited about getting into it.

But we could use help picking a title!

Below are three titles we are considering. Could you tell me what each title “says” to you? What would you expect to find inside the book? And which one do you think would most interest your teen in taking a look?

  1. Exposing Math
  2. More to Math
  3. Understanding Math

We would probably add a subtitle to whichever one we chose that included something along the lines of “Math from a Biblical Worldview” or “Exploring Math from a Biblical Worldview” or “Developing a Biblical Worldview of Math.” We’ve been toying with the subtitles.

We appreciate your thoughts, as well as your prayers for the project.

P.S. I know it’s hard without knowing what is inside the book to assess titles, but I’m purposefully not posting much information to find out what these titles alone say to you (and your teens).

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4 thoughts on “Feedback Needed: New Book Title

  1. Thank you all for your thoughts! These are very helpful!

  2. More to Math caught my eye immediately. Exposing Math sounds controversial, as if something sinister is going on behind the scenes (maybe there is?) Understanding Math has slightly been taken already. Understanding Mathematics by Keith Kressin is a really great resource/ how to/ overview of mathematics “From Counting to Calculus” as the subtitle says. Yes, More to Math is catchy and leaves me thinking that it is for advanced math persons, rather than starting with the basics. Or it will give a different perspective on the basics and more. How about Math is More? That sort of leaves you wanting to know what it’s more of 🙂 Can’t wait to read it!

  3. What about “Math’s Eternal Purpose” or “Math for Christ’s Glory and Dominion” or “Math: The Designer’s Tool”… I don’t know; like you say, it’s hard when you’re secretive about the contents. 🙂 Whatever the title, I pray that God blesses your endeavor.

  4. The title ‘Exposing Math’ suggests to me an attempt to reinvestigate maths and it’s connotations and perhaps present some uncomfortable ideas. I would expect to find some challenging and surprising conclusions previously unconnected with maths.
    Title 2. ‘More to Math’ is my preffered choice and suggests that it includes a different perspective or presentation of the world of mathematics. Intriguing and catchy as a title.
    Title 3. ‘Understanding Math’ is probably least appealing to me as a young mathematician as, personally, it is uninspiring and would not stand out from other maths books.
    Hope this is helpful

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