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An Article on Mathematics Education Worth Reading

A reader recently shared with me an article on teaching math titled “A Generous Education in Mathematics” (by Alice Horrocks). I found the article refreshing, as it echoed many of my own sentiments.

Written by a Ph.D. in math who has taught at the university level and is now homeschooling her children, the article encourages parents to see math as much more than memorization and skills. It shows how teaching math in a way more connected with history and life–which I would add is the natural outcome of embracing a biblical perspective toward math–leads toward the type of math education we ought to be providing.

After discussing what constitutes true education in math, the article explores what math is (including a paragraph about how “math is a description of the order God has put into His creation”) and some practical ways to truly educate children in math. I particularly liked the article’s comparison of math to music. Much as you would not want to just teach children musical scales, you would not want to just teach children to memorize times tables. Math, like music, should be more than drills.

You can read the article in Volume 1, Issue 3 of Magnanimity: A Charlotte Mason and Classical Education Newsletter. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

(To Mrs. P, thank you again for sending me this link.)

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2 thoughts on “An Article on Mathematics Education Worth Reading

  1. Encouraged to hear of others in the math community with the desire to connect math with faith. I too have a Ph.D. in mathematics and have written a book about the connections I’ve found between math and my Christian faith. Good work Alice!

  2. I’m glad you liked it. And I’m glad my article from several years ago is being found and read and is encouraging to people.
    Just for fun , today, I Googled my name and came upon your comment..
    Alice Horrocks

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