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Math & the New Jerusalem


The Bible contains a lot of measurements. For example, in Revelation, we’re told that the New Jerusalem’s “length the same as its width. And he measured the city with his rod, 12,000 stadia. Its length and width and height are equal.” (Rev. 21:16 ESV). The questions below can be used to help students explore these…

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What Happened to “the Love You Had at First”?


“I’m still here.” All night long Ruben had been patiently waiting, trying to get his wife’s attention. He longed to spend time with her. “I know,” Rose replied, hardly lifting her head from the pile of papers she was sorting. “But there’s just so much to do!” Rose rubbed her tired head, thinking about how…

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Making Math Come Alive During the Coronavirus Sheltering in Place – Plus Drill Worksheets

With much of the world sheltering in place, I thought now might be a good time to blog about working on math during the downtime. These ideas also work during summer vacation…and throughout the year. Show Your Child Math Around the House Look for simple ways to show your children math concepts in action around…

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Math at the Aquarium


My husband and I recently visited the Georgia Aquarium, and I was struck by how much math is used in caring for and describing the characteristics of sea creatures. Below are a couple of examples. I’ve tried to word them as actual problems for different ages. I hope you enjoy working through them with your…

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Story: Use Your Sword


Why, oh why, weren’t more people using the Sword more? That was Lucas’s cry as he surveyed the city of Bondage. As the name implies, all of the inhabitants of Bondage were in serious bondage. They were controlled by computer chips implanted in them before birth. These computer chips affected their vision, their thinking, and…

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