Feedback Needed: New Book Title

I’m embarking on a supplemental book for high school students on math. My brother, a computer engineer, has agreed to write it with me, and we’re excited about getting into it.

But we could use help picking a title!

Below are three titles we are considering. Could you tell me what each title “says” to you? What would you expect to find inside the book? And which one do you think would most interest your teen in taking a look?

  1. Exposing Math
  2. More to Math
  3. Understanding Math

We would probably add a subtitle to whichever one we chose that included something along the lines of “Math from a Biblical Worldview” or “Exploring Math from a Biblical Worldview” or “Developing a Biblical Worldview of Math.” We’ve been toying with the subtitles.

We appreciate your thoughts, as well as your prayers for the project.

P.S. I know it’s hard without knowing what is inside the book to assess titles, but I’m purposefully not posting much information to find out what these titles alone say to you (and your teens).

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