Monthly Archives: March 2010

Mar 31

Algebra and Statistics Resources

By kate loop | Algebra , Biblical Math Blog , Helpful Math Resources , Resources

While browsing the Internet today, I came across some fascinating videos that connected upper-level math concepts with real-life applications in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. The videos explore such varied examples as making fireworks and oil production–along with MUCH more! The series are secular series, and I do not agree with some of the examples chosen […]

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Mar 21

Bridge-Building Resources (All Grades)

By kate loop | Biblical Math Blog , Concepts , Geometry , Helpful Math Resources , Practical Ideas

In my previous post on shapes, we briefly talked about how learning shapes doesn’t have to be confined to a textbook–how shapes help us understand and appreciate the shapes God placed around us. Understanding how shapes respond to pressure–as well as lots of other math concepts–plays an important role in building bridges. Here are two […]

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Mar 12

Thoughts on Pi

By kate loop | Biblical Math Blog , Geometry

Someone recently wrote and asked me if I had any information on pi from a Christian perspective I could share. So here are some thoughts on this mind-boggling–and incredibly useful–number. What Is Pi? Pi, symbolized π, is “A transcendental number, approximately 3.14159, representing the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle and […]

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