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A Note from Katherine: Over the last decade, I’ve been honored to share on teaching math from a biblical worldview, along with various other topics. I love helping parents understand the worldview battle in math and be encouraged that the God who created it can help them teach it. Practical information and helpful ideas are presented within the framework of the big picture of how biblical principles truly can transform our view of math. Both in math and other topics, my workshops also include honest looks at the struggles I and my family have had—at the truths and reality of God’s grace that’s offered to us all.

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Speaker Information

Katherine Loop

Katherine Loop, a homeschool graduate, has been ministering to homeschool families since her graduation in 2003. She has written two books on teaching math from a biblical worldview, Beyond Numbers and Revealing Arithmetic, as well as various other materials; spoken at a variety of groups and conventions on both math and homeschooling topics; and ministered to homeschoolers abroad. Her heart is to point people to “Seek the Lord, and his strength” (Psalm 104:4) in everything. View more about her ministry at

Upcoming speaking engagements:

2015 Virginia Homeschool Convention (HEAV) – VA – June 2015
2015 AFHE Homeschool Convention – AZ – July 2015

Past speaking engagements:
2013 Michigan Home Education Conference (INCH) – MI – May 2013
29th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention (HEAV) – VA – June 2012
Tri Counties Homeschool Convention (TCHEN) – CA – July 2011
NCHE Conference and Book Fair – NC – May 2011
27th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention (HEAV) – VA – June 2010
CHAP Homeschool Convention – PA – May 2009
SHN Homeschool Conference – TX – April 2009
Ultimate Online Homeschool Expo – Online – Spring 2008
24th Home Educator’s Association of Virginia Convention – VA – June 2007
MassHOPE Homeschool Convention – MA – April 2007
23rd Home Educator’s Association of Virginia Convention – VA – June 2006
Christian Center School – VA
Various homeschool support groups


(Additional feedback and references available upon request.)

“I realized I had a neutral view of math. I suppose I never really considered it could be taught from a biblical perspective…I love that all the glory is given to God.”
– Shannon Kleckner, homeschool mom

“This speech was extremely encouraging for me! Just what I needed to hear at this point in my life. It especially spoke to me since the words came from a homeschool graduate herself, and not a homeschool mom!”
Kim Wood, homeschool mom

“I loved her honesty and transparency. Very encouraging to hear a child’s perspective!”

“I loved the encouragement to seek our amazing God in every area of life. What a wonderful reminder—and good practical advice on implementation in the area of mathematics.”

“Katherine’s information is transforming my view of math!”

Workshop Descriptions

Math from a Biblical Worldview?
We see God’s hand in science and history, but what about in math? While most of us have come to look upon math as “neutral,” it’s not! Worldviews do matter in math—and there’s much more to looking at math from a biblical worldview than adding a scripture or Bible word problem to the lesson. Come discover biblical principles that make math come alive and give math meaning, helping children really understand what they’re learning. Find out how “neutral” presentations are really not neutral. Leave equipped to begin looking at and teaching math from a new perspective!

Revealing Arithmetic
How can counting, addition, multiplication, fractions, exponents, and other concepts in arithmetic be taught in such a way that children learn to see and use them as a God-given tool—and worship the Lord in math? In this workshop, Katherine will explore several arithmetic concepts, offering ideas and inspiration to help you transform your math class.

Revealing Geometry
What worldview is coming across in your student’s geometry class? In this workshop, Katherine looks past the proofs and constructions we typically see as geometry, offering ideas on how to teach it as a real-life, God-given tool that points us to the Creator. We’ll touch on various concepts, from basic shape identification up to proofs and theorems.

Revealing Algebra
Overwhelmed by variables and exponents? In this workshop, Katherine cuts through the confusion, revealing algebra for what it is: a method of recording the consistencies God created and sustained. Leave with a new outlook on algebra and ideas on how to teach it from a biblical perspective.

Homeschooling: God Is Sufficient
Unsure of your ability to homeschool your children? Feel like giving up on a rebellious child? Carrying concerns about some aspect of homeschooling? Join Katherine, a homeschool graduate, as she reflects back on her homeschooling years, including periods of rebellion and isolation. Interwoven with personal examples, Katherine shares the scripture verses and lessons that God gave her family during her homeschooling years. Be encouraged that God is sufficient for whatever you might be facing.

Additional topics are available upon request.