Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically

By Katherine Loop

Beyond Numbers

Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically


Learn how to see and teach math from a biblical worldview with this easy-to-read guidebook! Available as a printed copy for $8.99 or an e-book for $5.99.

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Learn how to see and teach math from a biblical worldview with this easy-to-read guidebook!

A great, general-purpose introduction for a typical parent.

– James D. Nickel, author of Mathematics: Is God Silent?

This small gem discusses the general topic of thinking biblically as it applies to math. It gives examples from history, is illustrated with thought-provoking cartoons, and provides samples of practical application of thinking biblically as you teach math.

– Joyce Herzog, Choosing & Using Curriculum


  • Concise enough to read in one sitting.You won’t have to spend hours reading!
  • Written by a homeschool graduate with the homeschool parent in mind.
  • Written in every-day language. This is one math book you don’t have to fear! In fact, you may find that it takes the fear out of math.
  • Integratable with the curriculum of your choice This book walks you through how to both select and modify a curriculum for your child. Includes reviews of a few common curriculums, and guidelines for finding a good math curriculum.

This Book Will Help You :

  • Get invigorated about math as you see how math’s very existence reminds us of God’s faithfulness.
  • Teach your child to view the world through a Christian perspective. You just may find that he is better able to understand and apply math. Things make so much more sense when we approach them correctly!

As I made my way through the pages I was captivated by the fresh perspective brought to the entire world of mathematics. Every homeschooling parent ought to read this book.

– Sandra A. Lovelace, homeschool pioneer, speaker, author, education consultant, and Lifework Forum director

So, if you are like me and avoid math, read this book to bring a glimmer of hope and purpose. If you delight in numbers, this book will bring a new depth to that delight. If you are teaching anyone math or thinking math is neutral, you have to read this book to protect the hearts and minds of yourself and those you love.

– Carolyn (View entire review.)

New edition! The 2011 edition has a new cover, an expanded curriculum section, and miscellaneous updates throughout.

Available as a printed copy for $8.99 or an e-book for $5.99.

Order your copy today!

Katherine’s excellent book is easy to read. It will not only help you understand God’s purpose for math and how math testifies of God, but it will also give you some practical suggestions for implementing what you learn into your home school program. In addition, she rates current math curriculum as to how well they present math in the context of God’s Word and includes a sample idea notebook for using math in your daily lives. Congratulations, Katherine, on a job well done! – Cindy Downes

In reading Katherine’s book I was encouraged to explore more of God’s character in the study of mathematics. I was beautifully reminded that our studies are only tools we can use to open our children’s eyes to a creative and awesome God. She offers practical tips to help and builds up the teacher so they can teach with confidence, or rather relax and enjoy the learning process with their child. Math truly can be a treasure hunt for how God works. – Michelle Moore, homeschool mother of 3 precious gifts

Everywhere I turn now, I’m fascinated by the mathematical precision and orderly design of the universeā€š…Beyond Numbers has prompted me to make an immediate about-face in my approach to teaching math. – Sue Anderson, homeschool mom

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