Principles of Mathematics – Book 2 – Additional Resources and Corrections

Principles of Mathematics Book 2This is an online webpage designed to go along with Book 2 of Principles of Mathematics. (View Book 1 instead.)

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Helpful Resources

Chapter 4 – Math Witnessing Video

Note: All the links below go to external sights; we have no control over the content, nor is a listing here an endorsement. Feel free to find other online resources instead–these are just listed here as a convenience.

Resources for Extra Worksheets

Below are some sites that offer printable worksheets if your student needs extra practice or drill on a concept.

Percent problems:

Graphing problems:


p. 81: “Subtract -3/8” should read “Subtract 3/8”.

p. 42 – Prime number wording should include the word “evenly.”

“Whole numbers that can’t be evenly divided by any whole number but themselves and 1.”

p. 50 – On both of the maps, -160o should read -150o.

p. 55 – In the first example, “Remember, UTC-0:300…” should be “Remember, UTC-03:00.”

p. 259 – In the words of the example, it should say “greater than 0” rather than “greater than or equal to 0.”

Student Workbook/Teacher Guide

p. 76 (Worksheet 5.3B), problem 3b

Question should say “travel 15 miles” as opposed to “travel 5 miles.”

p. 164, question 5
Questions b. and c. referring back to 4a should read to refer back to 5a.

p. 381 (Answers for Worksheet 10.5), problem 1d

Answer should be x < 55o F.

p. 381 (Answers for Worksheet 10.5), problem 2d

Answer should be x ≤ 95.

p. 420, problem 3a
The column in the table labeled b should be -600, 0, 600; the column in the table labeled p should be -300, 0, 300.

Quiz 1 (p. 413), problem 3b

The answer should read 8,064 cubic inches, not square inches.

Quiz 4 (p. 414), problem 2a

The answer should read 120 cubic feet, not square feet.

Test 1 (p. 347), problem g
The answer key addresses the question “How many cubit feet is the cylinder portion of these 4 silos if the cylinder portion of each one has a radius of 6 ft and a height of 32 ft?”
As the question is worded currently, the answer (p. 418) should include an additional step:

Bushels in all 4 cylinders = 14,469.12 ft3 • 12 in/1 ft • 12 in/1 ft • 12 in/1 ft • 1 bushel/2,150.42 in3 = 11,626.86 bushels

Note: The conversion between bushels and cubic feet is found on p. 430.

Clarification on Quizzes and Tests:
When students are told they can consult reference sheets, they are allowed to consult any reference sheet (p. 423-433) even if fewer page numbers are listed.

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