Math from a Biblical Worldview?

I know it sounds crazy. Where's God in math? Isn't math neutral? No, math is not neutral, and it can be taught from a distinctly biblical worldview. Find out how in this free short eCourse. We'll send you other helpful information on math from a Christian perspective too.

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Katherine’s information is transforming my view of math!

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Finally, a math curriculum for homeschoolers that has it all — a biblical perspective on how and why math works; easy-to-use curriculum and lessons; and thorough explanation of math concepts and application. Students taking this course will will be well prepared for high school algebra and geometry after taking this course. Author Katherine Loop does an excellent job teaching the foundations of mathematics, the historical background of math discoveries, and the various applications of math principles. Such a math curriculum is long overdue, and this one sets an entirely new standard for homeschool math curriculum

Lea Ann Garfias
homeschool mom and author (regarding Principles of Mathematic)

Revealing Arithmetic is a spectacular book! It will be required reading for all of my “Math Ed.” students.

Jay Auxt
engineer, author, speaker, and adjunct instructor at Antietam Bible College

For Christians, I believe this book is a “must read” to complement any math curriculum.

Joyce Herzog
teacher, author, speaker - (Statement about Revealing Arithmetic in Choosing and Using Curriculum)

As I made my way through the pages I was captivated by the fresh perspective brought to the entire world of mathematics. Every homeschooling parent ought to read this book.

Sandra A. Lovelace
homeschool pioneer, speaker, author, education consultant, and Lifework Forum director (regarding Beyond Numbers)

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